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Monday, April 5, 2010

What is a Viral Video and What Can it do for my Business?

                  Potential Gold Mine for Businesses

Viral video is any video that is being passed from one user to another online. This happens most often on sites like youtube. The best viral videos are watched millions of times at no cost to their creators. This is a potential gold mine for businesses. Television ads, like this Old Spice commercial reached audiences world wide when the video hit youtube. It can be seen any time and with the simple addition of subtitles, anyone can understand it. That means plenty of free advertising for Old Spice even after the video is is no longer on TV. As more people share the video, they create a buzz around the product and this can help generate useful feedback.

Viral videos also increase a companies web presence. People coming to see a video can be easily redirected to the companies website. That makes viral videos a great asset for any business.

                       Old Spice - Viral Video

Written By: Brad Girtz - Mindshift Media Blogger
Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin - Mindshift Media, Creative Director



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