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Monday, May 31, 2010

Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day

As Americans celebrate the unofficial start to summer, here's a short tribute to the true American heroes: the men and women of the armed services. Without these brave men and women, America would not be America. It's a reminder that the cost of our treasured freedom comes at a high price. Thankfully we have these heroes who defend our way of life.

 Since the deployment of our military into Iraq, 5,462 men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice.
Operation Iraqi Freedom: 4,387
Operation Enduring Freedom: 1,075

God bless all the service members and God Bless the U.S.A.

Remembering Pat Tillman - Gone but Never Forgotten!

A Tribute to all the brave men and women who serve this great country and defend our way of life!
"Praise You in This Storm" - Casting Crowns

Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin, Creative Director - Mindshift Media

Friday, May 28, 2010

"One Laptop Per Child" - Changing the Lives of Children Around the World!

 "One Laptop Per Child" - (OLPC)

Children in the worlds poorest countries may soon have access to their own tablet computers. This is the dream of “One Laptop Per Child” (OLPC), a nonprofit organization that has been working on a portable computer for under $100. Until recently, the company could not produce laptops for that price, but after they teamed up with Marvell Technology Group, OLPC says they should be able to make a $99 tablet. This could mean access to information and technology for some of the poorest schools, countries and peoples across the globe. OLPC has already sold older versions of their affordable computers to places like Afghanistan and Uruguay. Unfortunately, those models still cost $200 and had too many moving parts.

By using solid-state memory coupled with a tablet design, OLPC hopes to provide durable, long lasting computers that will help educate and inform. The new tablets would have wi-fi, cameras, and play high def video. They will also support plug in peripherals like mice and keyboards. Besides fewer moving parts, tablets have another advantage. Standard laptops have a Latin based keyboard which makes it hard to use for none Latin based languages. A tablet will be able to plug in to any keyboard. The companies founder Nicholas Negroponte says he hopes to unveil the first tablets at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January.

For more information about "One Laptop Per Child" and the (OLPC) non-profit organization, log onto the website and see how you can become involved in helping children across the world gain access to a personal computer of their very own!

View this video clip and see how these computers are changing the lives of children across the world! A special Thank You message from the children.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" - Mohandas Ghandi
"Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present" - Albert Camus

Written By: Brad Girtz - Mindshift Media Blogger
Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin, Creative Director - Mindshift Media

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Choosing the Right Social Website for Your Business

For modern businesses communication is key. The ability to reach customers, business partners and employees is crucial in todays marketplace. It is no longer enough to post a few advertisements, the future of communication is social websites. Sites like Facebook, and Wiki all have different uses but they are all a part of a good online presence. By picking the right social sites, businesses can do everything from growing their brand to boosting sales. That makes the selection of social sites very important. The first step in choosing which sites to become a part of is identifying each sites purpose. With so many sites to choose from, that may sound impossible but there are a few tricks. Most social sites fall into one of six categories, social media, social bookmarking, professional networking, niche social media, general social media and job sites.

The first of these is social media. These sites include Youtube, Reddit, Digg and WikiHow. They allow you to post videos, articles and tutorials that can be viewed and commented on by anyone. This gives companies the ability to speak directly with their target audience and gain feedback. Businesses who take advantage of these sites can use them for free advertising and marketing as well as driving more traffic to their sites. Once a business has established itself using social media sites it can take the next step to social bookmarking.

This means joining sites like Delicious, Furl and Tubearoo. Each of these sites allows users to bookmark websites they like. Then they can view what other users have bookmarked. This connects businesses to a vast network of users. The end result is that social bookmarkers create thousands of links back to a companies website. This boosts site traffic and helps build a companies brand and name recognition.

The next step for businesses is joining professional networking sites. Places like Facebook, Linkedin and Tribe are a great place to start. These are all perfect for advertising and building a loyal following. For instance, Facebook allows companies to create a page with company news, pictures and promotions. More importantly, each site gives businesses access to consumers and potential employees. In essence, professional networking sites allow companies to find who they want, when they want.

While professional networking sites provide access to vast numbers of people, companies can also target their consumers using niche social media sites like pixel Groovy, Tweako and Small Business Brief. All of these sites provide a place for business professionals and enthusiasts to network, share information and form new contacts. These sites bring everyone interested in a business together in one place. While companies are busy with professional networking, they should also be reaching out to a broader consumer market using general social media sites.

These sites include Wikipedia, 43 Things, Twitter and Yahoo Answers. Each of these sites allows companies to share information about their companies to consumers and other professionals. This can be an article about a business on Wikipedia, a list of company goals on 43 things or status updates on Twitter. These sites provide potential customers with information about a company and its products. It also gives the business a sense of openness and legitimacy.

Finally, there are job sites like, Monster and Yahoo Hot Jobs. The benefits of using these sites are obvious. Maintaining a presence on these sites will insure companies can land the most talented employees.

While all this may sound a bit complicated, social websites are fast becoming a permanent part of the successful business. By taking advantage of these websites early, companies can grow their brand, their business and their bottom line. These sites reach more people than any television station or newspaper and they are just waiting to work for you.

Written By: Brad Girtz - Mindshift Media Blogger
Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin, Creative Director - Mindshift Media

Saturday, May 22, 2010

YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business

YouTube is more than just a place to watch funny videos. With millions of daily viewers and a global reach, the Internet giant is a perfect platform to advance any business. It can be used in three basic ways, internal communication, external communication and external feedback.

The first of these is internal communication, or communication inside a company. Businesses can use YouTube to upload and enhance presentations and meetings. This allows a company to reach all of its employees at once. Using one well-designed YouTube video can save countless meetings and allows people to refer back to the video if they have any questions. The ability to deliver a clear and concise message extends well beyond internal communication.

YouTube is a spectacularly effective way for companies to take their message directly to consumers. YouTube videos can showcase and explain products to customers, highlight services, build credibility and even give instruction. A great example of this is Apple. They produce videos for all of their products. This builds consumer trust and allows Apple to show off its latest gadgets. More importantly, these videos create a buzz around products. That helps sales and improves the bottom line. The videos also open new channels of communication.

When a business uploads a video, potential customers are able to comment. Those comments are external feedback. This give companies access to important consumer ideas and opinions. It also removes communication barriers and allows businesses to react faster to the changing demands of consumers.

In the modern world of business, communication is key. The company that can deliver its message most effectively has a distinct advantage over the competition. That makes YouTube a vital part of every successful companies communication and marketing strategy.

Apple Utilizing YouTube to Explain the iPod Touch

River Forest Financial YouTube/Website Video Campaign
Produced By: Mindshift Media

Zeekee Interactive Experiences Tremendous Success with YouTube  & Multimedia Campaign
Produced By: Mindshift Media & STVP
Mindshift Media provides our clients with many tools needed to succeed in today's global marketplace. Our unique and comprehensive approach to advertising enables us to accommodate a variety of clients, including businesses, organizations, non-profit’s and individual’s.We successfully service a variety of clients every day, and we're ready to earn your business too. We enjoy working with results-oriented businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs. Mindshift Media provides various Social Networking Marketing plans to successfully promote your business on YouTube. Contact us today and see how Mindshift Media can assist your company in creating a Global presence on YouTube and other Social Networking websites.
Written By: Brad Girtz - Mindshift Media Blogger
Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin, Creative Director - Mindshift Media

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Impression Counts! The Halo Effect - Website Design

Big businesses spends millions of dollars each year on website design. Every detail from font, to picture placement is carefully scrutinized. That may sound a bit excessive, after all, who really cares if a picture is 1 inch or 1.3 inches from the edge of the page? Those tiny details may sound silly, but it turns out they could be the key to a good webpage. That is because web users form first impressions of a website in as little as 50 milliseconds. That is faster than a hummingbird can flap its wings.

In other words, before a person even knows what a page is about, they have already formed an initial impression that will color how they view the rest of the page. This is called the halo effect. To stop this from ruining a web page, businesses need to look for certain traits that appeal to web users. The most important of these are load time, professionalism and visual appeal.

Load time is simple, it is the amount of time it takes a page to load. If a website has too many graphics or images, it will load slower. This can be annoying and makes a bad first impression. Using smaller or faster loading files, graphics and images makes for a better page. It also makes a page look more professional.

If a website is stuffed with too many pictures or graphics, it can look cluttered. Most of the better websites are very organized and subscribe to a “less is more” style. Instead of  flooding a sight with visual clutter, use a well designed logo, a good company name and one or two professional motion graphics. Then add a navigation bar and its done. This makes a site look professional and reputable. It also gives a site great visual appeal.

When something is pleasant to look at it is visually appealing. When a website looks good, it makes a better first impression. By simply making a good looking site, businesses can draw people in.

With good load time, a professional site and visual appeal, any website can improve business without the million dollar investment. 

Written By: Brad Girtz - Mindshift Media Blogger
Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin, Creative Director - Mindshift Media

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Children of Rwanda and the World...Did you Know?

The Children of the World...Did You Know? 

In the world today there are 143 million children who have lost one or both parents.  That is almost one half of the population of the United States.

Every 14 seconds an Aids death leaves another child orphaned.

Every year 12 million children become orphans.

87.6 million Orphans live in Asia.

43.4 million Orphans live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

12.4 million Orphans live in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In Ukraine and Russia 10%-15% of children who age out of an orphanage commit suicide before age 18.

One million children in Rwanda are orphaned, without anyone to care for them when they fall down, are hungry, sick, or need protection from the pouring rain. They have no hope for a home and a family. The church in Rwanda, through the PEACE plan has invited a partnership that will change the lives of children for the good.


Five Things YOU can Do!

1. Pray               
2. Give               
3. Go                  
4. Get Educated
5. Listen                
(For more information, log onto

The Children of Rwanda… Did You Know? 
Number of Orphans and Vulnerable Children: In Rwanda, over 800,000 children have lost at least oneparent; 210,000 children have been orphaned due to HI/AIDS. Orphans and Gender: In Rwanda, 45% of all girls have lost at least one parent. Child-Headed Households: Over 100,000 children are the head of their households in Rwanda, one of the greatest populations of child-headed households in the world.

Orphan Interventions: Orphans are cared for in the community primarily through orphanages or the assimilation of a child into the community. Rwanda does not have an adoption agency to facilitate the adoption of children internationally. Only six Rwandan children were adopted to the U.S. in the last five years.

Orphans on the Streets: There are 4,000 children living on the streets in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

Orphan Care PEACE Trips: You can GO! 

The Rwanda Orphan Care Initiative is a unique, church-initiated plan for orphans and vulnerable children which uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Join the almost 1000 Following the principles of PEACE, your unique abilities and S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality and experiences) will be used on a Global Orphan Care PEACE trip to Rwanda.   other people who have traveled to Rwanda on a PEACE trip, but be among the first to go on a specific trip designed around orphan care.


10% of Rwanda’s population are orphans — over 1 million children.  
Sponsor an orphan directly through a local peace church that will provide a FAMILY instead of an orphanage! Your one-time gift or monthly sponsorship will go through a purpose driven church as a part of the PEACE Plan. You can find out more information, by logging onto:
Support the adoption of an orphan by a Rwandan family who is eager to adopt but needs financial assistance.  
Support local church orphan ministries – that provide life-skill training for orphans
– that provide drop-in centers for street children
– that provide other interventions for orphans and vulnerable children.

    For more information on how you can become involved with a mission trip or The Orphan Care Connection, log onto their website: 

Content, Literature and Facts By: Saddleback Church and Orphan Care Connection
Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin, Creative Director - Mindshift Media
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

CNN Heroes 2010

Last year I was so inspired by CNN's tribute to the heroes of 2009. These were ordinary people doing extraordinary things and changing the lives of people around their community and/or around the world. This year, I wanted to join in on the nominations of someone who I consider my Hero. I am nominating an incredible human being, Nick Vujicic who was born without arms or legs and given no medical reason for this condition. God has used Nick to let people know in countless schools, churches, prisons, orphanages, hospitals, stadiums and in face-to-face encounters with individuals how very precious they are to God. Secondly, he has assured tens of thousands that God does have a plan for their lives that is purposeful. For God took his life, one that others might disregard as having any significance and filled him with His purpose and showed him His plans to move hearts and lives toward Him. Understanding this, though faced with struggles, Nick speaks about being able to overcome obstacles in your life and achieving your own personal goals and dreams in life.  If Nick was able to get up and accomplish so much in his life, so can anyone! Here is a little video about Nick and how he has taken his DISABILITY and transformed it into an incredible ABILITY!

My name is Nick Vujicic and I'm 26 years old. I was born without arms or legs and given no medical reason for this condition. Faced with countless challenges and obstacles, God has given me the strength to surmount what others might call impossible. Along with that, the Lord has placed within me an unquenchable passion to share this same hope and genuine love that I've personally experienced with more than two million people all over the globe.

Traveling extensively to over 19 nations, I've been extremely humbled by the continuous opportunities that the Lord has given me to share my testimony along with the hope that I have in Jesus with people in so many nations and situations. My greatest joy in this life is to introduce Jesus to those I meet and tell them of His great desire to get to know them personally by allowing Him to become their Lord and Savior.

One of my favorite scriptures from the Bible is Psalm 139:17-18 that says, "How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand."

God has used me to let people know in countless schools, churches, prisons, orphanages, hospitals, stadiums and in face-to-face encounters with individuals how very precious they are to God. Secondly, it's my pleasure to assure them that God does have a plan for their lives that is purposeful. For God took my life, one that others might disregard as having any significance and filled me with His purpose and showed me His plans to move hearts and lives toward Him. Understanding this, though faced with struggles, you can overcome too.

Be encouraged today as you read this promise from the Lord found in Jeremiah 29:11 of the Bible, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Editor's Note: Nominations for 2010 CNN Heroes are being accepted through August 1 at
(CNN) -- Great things can happen to those nominated as CNN Heroes:
• Anne Mahlum's Philadelphia running program is now helping the homeless get "back on their feet" in Baltimore and Washington.
• Doc Hendley's 'Wine to Water' organization, which works in three continents, is building sustainable water filtration systems in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.
• Jordan Thomas, 20, has raised more than $500,000 to provide prosthetics to underserved children -- including Haiti.
What do they have in common? Each was selected as a CNN Hero after being nominated by someone like you -- someone who wanted us to share their story with the world.
Enter your nominations at
Now your nomination of a 2010 CNN Hero could help the person that inspires you achieve even greater recognition and success.

Think about what makes your hero special. Ask yourself: What makes my nominee unique? What specific accomplishment has he or she achieved that is truly remarkable? What impact has their work had on others? We encourage you to watch videos of previous CNN Heroes to familiarize yourself with the achievements of the inspiring individuals we honor as "everyday people changing the world."
Take a look at our nomination form. We suggest you review the information requested about yourself, your nominee and their work before filling out your submission.
Tell us about your hero! Take your time and write from the heart. Remember: What you share -- in your own words -- is the most important factor in advancing a nomination for further consideration. You can enter your answers to the essay questions directly on the form, or write them first in a word-processing document and "cut-and-paste" them into each answer field. Please note that the information you provide will be used in accordance with our privacy policy.
Click "Submit." If your nomination has been successfully transmitted, you'll see a "thank you" message on your screen. If you provided us with your e-mail address, we'll also send a confirmation that your nomination has been received. And yes, we read each and every one.
That's it! Nominations for 2010 CNN Heroes remain open through August 1.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is eligible to be considered as a CNN Hero?
A: Nominations must be in the name of a single individual, at least 13 years of age, whose accomplishment occurred (or continued) after November 26, 2009. Nominees in the "Young Wonder" category must be 25 years of age or younger. Groups and organizations are ineligible for consideration. Citizens of voided countries are also ineligible. For complete details on eligibility requirements and other rules governing selection of CNN Heroes, please read our Legal Disclosures.
Q: How will I know if my hero is selected?
A: Because of the high volume of nominations received, we cannot respond individually to each submission. However, if your nomination advances, we will contact you and your nominee through the contact information you provide.
Q: What if I don't know my nominee's address, e-mail, and telephone number?
A: Please make every effort to provide as much contact information as possible. We require either an email address or telephone number so we may quickly contact your nominee to obtain their permission for consideration as a CNN Hero.
Q: May I submit additional supportive information about my nominee?
A: There's space at the end of the form to provide links to articles or Web sites with more information about your hero. Please do not send additional materials unless requested.
Q: May I mail or fax my nomination?
A: No. All nominations must be submitted online through our Web site.
Q: What if my nomination form is rejected?
A: When filling out your form, please note that certain information is required. Those fields are marked with an asterisk (*). If you are not certain of your hero's nationality, select "Other" from the country drop-down menu. Likewise, if you're unsure which category their cause belongs in, just click "Other."
CNN is not responsible for technical problems that may prevent your submission from being successfully transmitted. You may wish to first write and save the answers to essay questions in a word-processing document. That way, if you need to re-submit your nomination, you can "cut-and-paste" those answers into the form without re-writing them.
Q: Can I buy tickets to "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute"?
A: Unfortunately, seating for our November telecast is limited and by invitation only. Airdates and times for the global broadcast of "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute" will be announced later this year.
Have other questions or comments about CNN Heroes? Contact us

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Friday, May 14, 2010

What is a Webinar and How Can it Help a Business?


A webinar is an online seminar or conference. It can be a prerecorded movie or a live video. That may not sound to radical but it is revolutionizing how businesses communicate. Using webinars, people are able to hold meetings, train staff and give presentations without leaving their desk.

The idea is simple. A live or prerecorded video is put online. A Company sends a link to that video to all the relevant employees. They can then watch the video while discussing it via an online chat. This means no travel costs, no need for trainers and better distribution of information. In other words, instead of having to go to a meeting, make the meeting come to you. Using webinars, companies can increase efficiency, train more knowledgeable employees and save money with the click of a mouse. 


Written By: Brad Girtz - Mindshift Media Blogger
Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin, Creative Director - Mindshift Media

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Effective Logo Design and Brand Development Tips

A company’s logo is often the first thing their customers see. That makes it a crucial part of any business. It can also make designing a logo very difficult. While there is no formula for designing the perfect logo, there are a few simple rules to follow. The first is to keep it simple. Logos need to be easy to recognize, memorable and adaptable. A simple logo is easier to remember and recognize, even at a distance. Simple logos can also be photo copied, put on business cards and resized to fit any need without much trouble.

Along with representing a company, a logo should attract attention. The best way to do this is by using bright colors. This allows the logo to jump off the page at potential customers. Finally, it is important to make sure a logo looks good both online and in print. That way it can be used as a letterhead as well as an online marketing tool. The right logo can make a company more memorable, marketable and profitable. It is an essential part of any good business.

Written By: Brad Girtz - Mindshift Media Blogger
Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin, Creative Director - Mindshift Media

6 Steps for Choosing a Successful Business Name

Shakespeare once said, A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. This is a lovely sentiment, but when it comes to naming a company, it is wrong. The name of a company is often its first impression. It tells potential customers all about that company and can often make or break a sale. Finding that perfect moniker can be tricky but there are six easy steps that can help.

Step one is all about telling the customer who you are. A name becomes a companies brand. It will be inexorably linked to everything else the company does so it must show who they are. Choose a name that does not reflect the identity of a company only harms the brand.

Step two is making sure a company name tells what the company does. The name must at least hint at the companies products or services. If it does not, customers may not know what a company does.

Step three in choosing a name is making sure that name tells customers not just what you do, but how you do it.

Step four is finding a name that is unique and helps you stand out from the competition. To do this, pinpoint how a business is special and what is does different or best. That way customers know they are getting something special. Once a name reflects who a company is, what they do, how they do it and how they are unique, it needs to spark the interest of consumers. This is step four. When choosing a name it is important to incorporate words that suggest the qualities that are most interesting to customers. Knowing what words appeal to a companies target audience make it easy to incorporate those words into a name.

The final step is encouraging the customer to take action. A name needs to be sound approachable. If it is to pretentious customers may be discouraged. The best names make customers want to call the company. They sound professional, yet inviting. That may sound like a lot to ask of a name, but with a little research and some thought, any company can find a name that suits them and their customers.

Written By: Brad Girtz - Mindshift Media Blogger
Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin, Creative Director - Mindshift Media