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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Become Legendary" - Michael Jordan (NBA Hall of Fame)

The Michael Jordan exhibit continues to grab attention around the country and the world! This exclusive exhibit is currently being displayed in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Now, photos and various video commercials from NIKE are being viewed by millions across the world.

Check out these powerful videos showcased as part of the "Become Legendary", Michael Jordan series.

Inspirational videos with a true message, from the voice of the GREATEST!

It’s not about the shoes
It’s about knowing where you’re going
not forgetting where you’ve started
It’s about having the courage to fail
Not breaking when you’re broken
taking everything you’ve been given
and making something better
It’s about work before glory
And what’s inside of you
it’s doing what they say you can’t
It’s not about the shoes
It’s about what you do in them
It’s about being what you were born to BE!

Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin, Creative Director - Mindshift Media