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Monday, August 2, 2010

Optimizing Online Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Starting an online ad campaign is an involved process, especially for the inexperienced. Advertising is a specialized field with its own series of challenges. Simply deciphering the jargon can seem impossible. To understand how a good ad campaign is run, it is important to know how to analyze a campaign.

The first step is locating the target audience. Find a website with plenty of traffic, that caters to the target audience. This is like finding a good fishing hole, it may take a few tries but eventually you find a good place. Once you have found a suitable site to advertise, you will need to run an advertising audit. This means looking at every part of the advertising campaign to see what is making money and what needs improvement. First, look at click through rates. This is the number of people who actually clicked on the ad and were redirected back to the advertised website. These numbers give you initial indications of how the ad is preforming, but they can be deceiving. For instance, they do not take into account accidental clicks or people who clicked on the ad, only to immediately leave the site.

To better understand an online ad campaign, advertisers must move beyond click through rates and look at engagement rates and overall ad performance. Engagement rates are the number of people who actually navigated around the site, commented on products, and/or purchased a product. In short, they spent time with the site and its content. These numbers should have a direct correlation with the overall ad performance. Sales should go up in proportion to the number of people clicking through and engaging with a site. Along with these tools, advertisers should be using “intent to purchase studies”. This is a complex term, meaning a study taken before and after an ad campaign, that looks at the target audiences willingness to buy a product. The goal of the study is to gauge any change in the buyers opinion of a product due to an advertising campaign.

Intent to purchase studies provide, what is possibly the most reliable data to understand the effectiveness of an online ad campaign. Using these tools, even a first time advertiser can better understand how to improve and tailor their ad to increase revenue and maximize effectiveness.

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