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Thursday, August 19, 2010

*ATTENTION* Android Phone Users - "Malicious Application" - Be Aware!

Android phone users may be in for a shock on their next phone bill. Google, Androids creator has identified the first “malicious app” for its popular phone. This phone virus is disguised as a media player but once installed, it sends text messages to a premium rate number. The viruses creator then collects the money from the premium number. That means big charges and little recourse for those affected. This booby trapped app was discovered by Kaspersky Labs and is spread by text message. The message tells users to install a 13KB media player app. The virus or “trojan” is called Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a. Currently, the virus is most common in Russia but because it is spread via text, android users in the U.S. and elsewhere can also be targeted.

A spokesman for Google says users can take steps to prevent their phones from being infected. First, read the permissions screen before installing. This screen tells users what the app has permission to do. Second, only install apps you trust and finally, be especially cautious when installing applications outside the Android market.

Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin, Creative Director - Mindshift Media
Written By: Brad Girtz - Mindshift Media Blogger


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