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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Utilizing Multimedia to Make Your Website Come Alive!

Zeekee Interactive Experiences the Benefits of Adding Multimedia to their Website

Zeekee Interactive is a Mindshift Media client and partner based out of Birmingham, Alabama.  Zeekee offers a wide variety of services ranging from website design to email marketing and everything in between. The agency was looking to change the look of their website, with the addition of a multimedia flash video to the home page of their website. Mindshift Media and the genius of motion graphics designer Steven Trauger provided Zeekee with a new and innovative look to their website with an informative, entertaining and effective multimedia campaign.

             Zeekee's Website Prior to adding the Multimedia Campaign -


            Zeekee's Website After Adding the Multimedia Campaign
                (Screen Shots of the Multimedia Campaign) 

To see the video in it's entirety, 
log onto Zeekee Interactive's website: 

Why Add Multimedia to Your Website?

Multimedia puts the exciting and sizzling effect into a website, merging various entertaining elements with a corporate business profile. This concept puts together sound, picture, graphics, video, text, voice talent and other elements in an effective multimedia presentation. The sky is the limit for Mindshift Media and it's ability to design innovative multimedia development services. Mindshift Media works in collaboration with Steven Trauger of STVP to provide the best in motion graphic design. With the combination of Mindshift Media and the genius of award winning motion graphics designer Steven Trauger, we accommodate all companies and businesses with innovative multimedia campaigns to add an extra sizzle of a flash video production to your website. We understand that websites thrive for constant online attention and corporate identity. The use of animation and multimedia production services add extra value to your market creditability. It gives your company or organiziation the ability to enjoy greater scopes of business opportunities. 

Multimedia flash video presentations have allowed many companies to change the face of their company image through multimedia presentations. The world of advertising, marketing and media is very dynamic in terms of changes it undergoes to capture various target markets. The addition of an effective multimedia campaign proves to be an effective medium to accomplish this task. Mindshift Media provides various development services, including Multimedia Promotional Campaigns, Planning, Scripting, Media Production, Voice Talent, and more. 

We invite you to think about the benefits of the addition of a promotional flash video production to your company website TODAY! Mindshift Media provides a full range of integrated marketing and multimedia services to effectively help companies stand out from the competition by generating customer loyalty and gaining greater market share through innovative multimedia campaigns. 

For more information about adding a multimedia promotional campaign to your website, please email us today -

                             Full Service Multimedia Campaigns!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Innovative Real Estate Marketing Solutions

Mindshift Media offers you the most sophisticated real estate marketing services, including estate video production tours and custom showcase websites. Our tours include both interior videography and aerial shots of the property and surrounding area and location of the home or development. We showcase not only the property, but also nearby landmarks or features (such as shopping, parks, etc), neighborhood shoots, drive throughs, maps as well as highlighting standout features of the estate.

                             "Dramatic Elegance in Belltown"
                 $3,088,888 Condominium Real Estate Video Tour

                              WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! 

Our highly experienced video production specialists have years of experience in the television production field, and are now specializing in showcasing high end real estate properties around the West Coast and around the nation. We cater to our clients needs, and showcase high-end properties or home developments via an innovative and informative video tour of the home or development.

                               CUSTOM DESIGNED 

You only have one chance to make a great impression! Nowhere is this more important than in the real estate industry. It is critical that your marketing assets communicate the quality of your estate at every point of interaction with an existing or a potential new buyer or agent. We offer our clients the ability to showcase their estate through a custom designed website to show all the property has to offer. We include the ability to stream a video tour of the home directly onto the website. Also, we exclusively offer our clients packages with location descriptions with Google maps incorporated into the custom website, an architectural distinctions page outlining the the square footage and property layout, and a page dedicated to describing the builder and the history of the home.



Samples courtesy of our web design partner: Zeekee Interactive

Mindshift Media is providing this innovative and new marketing packages to Real Estate Agents, Sellers, and Home Builders. Allow Mindshift Media to act as your marketing team to grow your business, help sell your estate or showcase a new housing or condominium development!

     For more information or a free consultation, email us today:
                              Or feel free to call us Today - (425) 785 - 9066

                                         We are available to travel anywhere in the country or world for our 
                                 customized Innovative Real Estate Marketing Packages!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Social Media Success Stories - Social Media ROI


Social Marketing Success Stories are always a great way to learn and get motivated. Below is an ongoing collection of Success Stories ranging from large consumer brands to B2B. Government and non-profit success models. 

                                             The Story of Charity: Water
      The 2009 September Campaign - Written by: Warren Raisch
                   From: charitywater | Goal: Providing Safe Drinking Water to a Million People !

I am always impressed with the power of a simple idea put into action by people who want to make a difference.  There is a lot we can all learn from this story even if we are not changing the world with the marketing we do everyday, although we should always strive for that.  In the past three years they have raised over $10 million from over 60,000 donors and helped over 700,000 people in 16 countries to get access to clean and safe drinking water.

Warren Raisch has spent a good portion of his life in international markets and developing nations and the number one problem that many of these nations face is having access to clean, safe drinking water. We all take it for granted, myself included.  It is at the core of so many problems that plague much of the world’s population. I support programs that are focused on solving some of these core global issues. 

From a campaign perspective Warren loves their use of powerful video,  Social Marketing channels and their live staged events . It has all of the powerful viral aspects.  But most importantly I love that they stepped up and are making a difference with their lives.
Watch the below video to get a sense of the challenge and the opportunity to make a difference. Warren is committed to making a difference how about you?  Tell us about your causes and how you are making a difference in your life. At the end of the day that is how our life will be measured. 

(From Tyler Griffin - President of Mindshift Media) My personal feeling is there are incredible opportunities for major up and coming brands to get behind cause based marketing.  I’d love to hear your opinion and what you and your companies are doing in your town and cities and how you are involving family and friends. If you invite a group of friends to join, you might be suprised how many people will be willing and ready to join in on the cause to change the lives of children around the world! "I believe that we were born to serve, and when we are serving, our hearts are at ease and we are truly living. God made us to serve others, when we are doing God's work and serving, we are living the life God has planned for us, allowing our souls to be truly happy." - Tyler Griffin. President - Mindshift Media.

The power of Social Media is truly amazing. Mindshift Media allows your company to fully market your company and brand via various social networking sites around the internet. Contact us today for a free consultation -

Watch this inspirational video that shows the effectiveness of social network marketing at its best. Making a difference for thousands of children around the world via the internet. It's amazing the power Social Media has over our world! Check out this inspiring video...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"For The Love of Mary" - Website Campaign

 "For The Love of Mary"


Mary is a gifted therapist whose work has touched the hearts of thousands. Specializing in addiction for nearly three decades, her exceptional counsel, humor and warmth have literally saved the lives of hundreds, and changed the course of thousands more. She is living proof that one person can make a difference.

Mary's own life unexpectedly and abruptly changed course in January, 2009. Healthy, active and vibrant, Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two weeks later, she had a double mastectomy. A second surgery revealed she has carcinoid syndrome, a neuroendocrine cancer, for which Western medicine has no cure. It had spread through her blood stream to her liver, digestive system, colon and lymph glands.

Mary endured yet another procedure and obtained consultations from across the country. The medical community's prognosis was dismal, and only after the use of extreme radiation and highly toxic chemotherapy drugs.

Alternative treatments, however, have yielded promising results. These treatments replace key peptides and have been proven to shrink many types of cancer tumors. In many cases, it has eliminated the cancer entirely. Mary began treatment in August at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston. Mary's treatment costs over $10,000 per month and is not currently covered by insurance. The typical treatment regimen lasts 12 months, depending upon results. If her treatment at the Burzynski Clinic is unsuccessful, Mary will pursue another neuroendocrine peptide treatment in India.

Mary is many things to us: friend, colleague, teacher, and mentor; sister, aunt, niece, daughter, wife and mother. But she is one thing to all: an inspiration. She has moved us with her wit and her wisdom, her gusto and her grace.

We are a small group with a big heart, devoted to Mary and dedicated to finding creative solutions to finance her cure.

We invite you to become part of this remarkable woman's life, and our commitment to save it.
Join us.  Please help Fund a Cure for the Love of Mary.

Website Sponsored by: Mindshift Media
Website Designed by: Zeekee Interactive

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Usher Performing Live @ The Olympics Closing Ceremony - Video Highlights

Usher Performing Live @ The Olympics Closing Ceremony!

Usher headlined the final Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Nightly Victory Ceremony Concert February 27. Usher closed the Winter Ceremonies in Whistler with an epic performance which closed the Olympics in style! This special performance in the heart of Whistler, Canada leads up to the release of Usher's sixth studio album, "Raymond v. Raymond," which is due in stores March 30. Described as a natural follow-up to his ground-breaking 2004 album "Confessions," which earned him the distinction of being the "Top Hot 100 Artist of the Decade, " (Billboard) the new album contains the smoldering signature ballads and hypnotic up-tempos the multi-talented, all around entertainer is known for.

Video Production and Photography Provided By: Mindshift Media
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