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Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Was Your Favorite Superbowl Commercial?

OK, so the question is....what was the best ad campaign of this years Superbowl? I've listed some of the top picks so far from this year. One of my personal favorites was an ad from Google titled, "Parisian Love". It was a simple yet effective advertisement on the abilities of the worlds largest search engine to help us navigate our lives. The ad is about an American who finds love in Paris and utilizes Google to help him make arrangements to meet his new found love. On the comedy side were the Doritos ads which were all a hit and extremely hilarious, especially the "Snack Attack"! With that said, check them out and feel free to comment on your favorite ad. The cost for a :30 second advertisement for this years Superbowl was around $3 million per :30 second spot. Budweiser lead the way with 8 total ads, some of those being a minute in length.

Check out the ad campaigns we have posted, and let the voting begin!

"Parisian Love" - Google 

"Snack Attack" - Doritos

"Baby Girlfriend" - E*TRADE

"Dog Collar" - Doritos

"Whale of a Tale" - Bridgestone

"The Game" - Snickers 

"Fences Clydesdales" - Budweiser

Vizio Forge

One Video that didn't make the Superbowl, and is considered an outtake, is from E*Trade. Check this out, it's pretty hilarious!

E*Trade Baby Outtakes

Feel free to comment on your favorite advertisements from Superbowl 44! If we left one out, let us know and we will add it to our list.



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