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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Revolutionary Business Networking Mobile Application - UNSOCIAL

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Social networking is a fast growing field dominated by giants. Companies like Facebook, Linkedin and Foursquare have proven how important social networking can be. By connecting users to the people they know, these companies have supplemented the natural network of friends most people have. This proven formula has a challenger though. The appropriately named Unsocial just became the first social networking application that does not care who your friends are. 

Instead, it focuses on connecting users to people they should know. The idea is fairly simple. Unsocial is a smart phone app for Iphone, Android and Blackberry that broadcasts a users personal brand, who they are and what they do to the people around them. The goal is to connect people in related fields. In essence, it introduces you to all the people you should know but don’t. Unsocial launched their groundbreaking application on October 18 at this years Discovery Beat in San Francisco.

For those not in the know, Discovery Beat is an annual meeting of the biggest and most influential app developers. The goal is to find that secret recipe for app discovery and help make new contacts in the industry. Unsocial took discovery beat by storm. 

They were the official conference app of Discovery Beat, and they have been riding the wave of good press ever since. Their app has already garnered praise from the likes of, which said, “It makes locating people at the same event who share similar interests less of a hassle. You can also send notes via the app without having to give away any private info until you know you want to make a connection.”  

Unsocial has also had favorable mentions from Tech Crunch, which said Unsocial is, ideal for large conferences or similar events where attendees have a limited amount of time to identify high-value contacts. The newly launched app even got a mention in The New York Times. All this good press is even more amazing, given that Unsocial is only currently available in San Francisco, New York and more cities soon to come! 

With the developers promising to bring more cities online soon people are almost certainly going to hear a lot more about Unsocial in the future. When this app becomes available globally, a morning commute could become the perfect networking opportunity. Packed trains, busses and subways will become something other than just an inconvenience, they will be the social networking equivalent of speed dating. With so many possibilities, Unsocial is poised to revolutionize the business world and bring a whole new dimension to the social network. 

Blog Posting by: Tyler Griffin - Creative Director, Mindshift Media
Written By: Brad Girtz - Mindshift Media Blogger
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