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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introducing Custom Email Signature Marketing - An Overlooked Marketing Option

Custom Email Signatures
Designed and Provided By: Mindshift Media & STVP

 Custom email signatures are an emerging trend for online businesses. While most people have seen these signatures very few people understand the effect they can have on a business. These small additions to emails may look inconspicuous but they can be a business goldmine if used correctly. An email signature such as this,

Gives an ordinary email credibility. The email signature is a badge or authority and professionalism. It tells readers the sender is credible and reputable. This helps stop emails from being labeled as spam and dismissed. Along with authority, email signatures provide crucial information to customers. Every email is like an electronic business card that gives people an easy way to locate the sender. That means no lost business because someone misplaced a business card.

Most importantly, custom email signatures are an amazing way to use an everyday email to advertise. When each email has a company’s logo and information on it, the results can be drastic. Not only do the companies business partners and customers view that logo, everyone who gets the email as a forward sees it too.

That means one simple business reply can potentially reach hundreds, even thousands of people. It is like a free banner add that is targeted at only potential customers. This makes a banner add incredibly valuable, especially when companies weight the costs.

Traditional advertising requires an ongoing investment of time and energy. Custom email signatures are a one time expense. They build credibility while they advertise and the more emails a company sends, the more effective the signature becomes. That makes custom email signatures the perfect choice for any businesses.

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Blog Posting By: Tyler Griffin, Creative Director - Mindshift Media
Written By: Brad Girtz


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